ABI's Sustainability Driver Leverages Green Actions to Build Business

ABI, the leader in business-to-business marketing public relations, announces Sustainability Driver, a new program that helps BtoB companies effectively communicate sustainable initiatives and realize positive business results from green practices.

Sustainability Driver consists of a strategic four-stage discovery and communication process: 1) Assessment Workshop, 2) Competitive Landscape Overview, 3) Analysis and Results Presentation, and 4) Integrated Sustainability Driver Communications Plan.

The strategic process will enable BtoB companies to effectively frame and communicate sustainability initiatives such as lean manufacturing and operations, sustainable materials, reduced shipping costs, and improved energy savings to high-level decision makers.

Sustainability Driver will help identify and position sustainability benefits and create strategic messaging platforms to help businesses fuel relationships with key customers and prospects. In addition, the focused Sustainability Driver communications plan will discover opportunities and drive sales.

For its nearly 30 years of exclusive focus on BtoB, ABI has developed tactics and strategies to help manufacturers overcome commodification, communicate benefits over features, and reach key specifiers. ABI has used this unique experience to create Sustainability DriverTM especially for BtoB companies.

"In BtoB we have always focused on the need to focus on business benefits and sustainability is no different," says Alan B. Isacson, president, ABI. "Right now we are working with companies to identify and communicate the business value generated by their sustainability practices so that they can discover opportunities and grow market share."